Spices And Herbs

SR international is synonymous with quality spice making that satisfies those who have a gourmet for perfect food. The spices that we make are demanded by international markets for their exotic aroma and the taste that they grant when added to any dish, no matter how it is prepared. Spices form an integral part of Indian kitchen, which has an abundant variety of spices and their derivatives. The variety can be attributed to the diverse tastes of Indian people across the length of the country. North India prefers flamboyant use of spices in their meals where as south India prefers just a hint of it. What ever be the taste, we, at S R international are determined to provide our customers with the best available seasonings and spices that not only enhance the taste but also appeal to the eyes when used for dressing the dish. We deal with a vast flurry of spices like turmeric, red chilies, coriander, ground spices, sesame seeds and mustard powder to name a few of our specialties.

Medicinal Herbs

Basic Cooking Spices

Red ChilliGet Quotation

Red Chilli

Black PepperGet Quotation

Black Pepper

Turmeric FingerGet Quotation

Turmeric Finger

AjwainGet Quotation


TamarindGet Quotation


Dry GingerGet Quotation

Dry Ginger


Green CardamomGet Quotation

Green Cardamom

Spice MixturesGet Quotation

Spice Mixtures

SpicesGet Quotation


Turmeric FingerGet Quotation

Turmeric Finger

Red ChilliGet Quotation

Red Chilli

Dry GingerGet Quotation

Dry Ginger

Indian Spice

Pani Puri MasalaGet Quotation

Pani Puri Masala

Sambar MasalaGet Quotation

Sambar Masala

Dry Mango PowderGet Quotation

Dry Mango Powder

Pav Bhaji MasalaGet Quotation

Pav Bhaji Masala

Seed Spices

Coriander SeedsGet Quotation

Coriander Seeds

Cumin SeedsGet Quotation

Cumin Seeds

Fennel SeedsGet Quotation

Fennel Seeds

Fenugreek SeedsGet Quotation

Fenugreek Seeds

Dill SeedsGet Quotation

Dill Seeds

Celery SeedsGet Quotation

Celery Seeds

Blended Spices

Blended SpicesGet Quotation

Blended Spices

Spice BlendsGet Quotation

Spice Blends

Biryani MasalaGet Quotation

Biryani Masala

Chana MasalaGet Quotation

Chana Masala

Chicken MasalaGet Quotation

Chicken Masala

Oil Seeds

Ground NutsGet Quotation

Ground Nuts

Mustard SeedsGet Quotation

Mustard Seeds

Sesame SeedsGet Quotation

Sesame Seeds

Oil SeedsGet Quotation

Oil Seeds

Indian Culinary Herbs

Senna LeavesGet Quotation

Senna Leaves

Gymnema LeavesGet Quotation

Gymnema Leaves

Valerian RootsGet Quotation

Valerian Roots

Calamus RootsGet Quotation

Calamus Roots

Gentian RootsGet Quotation

Gentian Roots

Galangal RootsGet Quotation

Galangal Roots


RiceGet Quotation


Yellow MilletGet Quotation

Yellow Millet

GrainsGet Quotation


Proceessed Items

Processed ItemsGet Quotation

Processed Items

Processed ProductsGet Quotation

Processed Products

Guar Gum

Industrial LacGet Quotation

Industrial Lac

Gum CopalGet Quotation

Gum Copal

Guar GumsGet Quotation

Guar Gums

ShellacGet Quotation


GumsGet Quotation


Gum OlibanumGet Quotation

Gum Olibanum

Amchur Powder

Amchur PowderGet Quotation

Amchur Powder

Turmeric Powder

Chilli PowderGet Quotation

Chilli Powder

Turmeric PowderGet Quotation

Turmeric Powder

Red Chilli

Byadgi ChilliGet Quotation

Byadgi Chilli

Dried ChilliesGet Quotation

Dried Chillies

Dry Red ChilliGet Quotation

Dry Red Chilli

Organic Chilly PowderGet Quotation

Organic Chilly Powder

Red Chilli PowderGet Quotation

Red Chilli Powder

Tea Masala

Tea MasalaGet Quotation

Tea Masala